Refund Policy

Refund Policy
• 5.6.1 All refunds shall be made via the original payment mechanism and to the person who made the original payment, except for Cash on Delivery, where refunds will be made via bank transfer or store credit into the individual’s bank account provided that complete and accurate bank account details are provided to us.
• 5.6.2 We offer no guarantee of any nature for the timeliness of the refunds reaching your account. The processing of payment may take time and it is subject to the respective banks and/or payment provider internal processing timeline.
• 5.6.3 All costs associated with the refund process imposed by the processing bank and/or payment provider shall be borne by us.
• 5.6.4All refunds are conditional upon our acceptance of a valid return of the Product.
• 5.6.5 We reserve the right to modify the mechanism of processing refunds at any time without notice.
• 5.6.6. The guidelines regarding the refunds process of Mitilen can be accessed here.
6. Returns/Repairs/Replacements
6.1 Return Policy: All returns must be done in accordance with the instructions set out in the Return Policy here. Seller is not obliged to agree to any return unless all such instructions are followed to Seller’s and Mitilen’s satisfaction. Should Seller agree to the return, Seller will deliver the replacement Product to your specified address.
6.2 Permitted returns: Subject to Clause 6.1, within 14 days for items covered under Satisfaction Guaranteed, and 7 days for items covered under 100% Buyer Protection, from the date of delivery of the Product, you may return a Product when you:
• 6.2.1 receive a product that is fundamentally different in nature from the Product specified in the Customer Contract;
• 6.2.2 receive a faulty or damaged Product;
• 6.2.3 receive a product that is not as advertised on the platform;
• 6.2.4 wrong item is delivered;
• 6.2.5 receive a product that has missing parts/items; or
• 6.2.6 receive a product that does not fit (for fashion items).
6.3 Repair, replacement or price reduction: As an alternative to returning faulty or damaged Products under Clause 6.2, a Customer may request for a repair or replacement of such Products. Such request shall be irrevocable upon notification of the request to Mitilen and the Customer may not later elect for a return under Clause 6.2. Where the Products have not been repaired or replaced within a reasonable time, Mitilen may, at its sole discretion, grant to the Customer a reduction of the price in proportion to the reduced value of the Products, provided that under no circumstance shall such reduction exceed 15 per cent. (15%) of the price of the affected Products. Upon repair, replacement or price reduction being made as aforesaid, the Customer shall have no further claim against Seller.
6.4 Replacement Products: When Mitilen has provided replacement Products or given the Customer a refund, the non-conforming Products or parts thereof shall become Seller’s property and upon request such Products or parts thereof should be shipped back to Seller.
6.5 Risk of damage or loss: Risk of damage to or loss of the Products shall pass to the Customer at the time of delivery, or if the Customer wrongfully fails to take delivery of the Products, the time when Seller (via Mitilen or Mitilen’s agents) has tendered delivery of the Products.
6.6 In cases where the customer refuses to take possession of the product without sufficient cause or justification, or returns the item without sufficient cause or justification, as provided under Clause 6, Mitilen will safely keep the item for a period of fifteen (15) days, reckoned from the date Mitilen receives the product from customer. After the lapse of such period, the product or item is deemed abandoned by customer, and Mitilen or Seller may dispose of the product or item. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Mitilen will use its best efforts to return the product to the Customer within the time frame provided